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Smuggled letter by Camp Liberty residents asks for help

Letter to Nouri Al-Maliki

The honorable Prime Minister of Iraq Mr. Nouri Al-maliki

Greetings to you and the people of Iraq

Warning of the separated members and the critics of PMOI to Iraqi Prime Minister and the International conventions for preventing the recent death-order of Massoud Rajavi for self – immolation and committing suicide of the pmoi members who have been captivated in there for decades

We the signatories of this statement and letter who each one has spent 7-25 years of their lives in this notorious cult which has been ruled by its notorious guru, spiritualleader, Massoud Rajavi, and fortunately each one of us despite of many obstacles could escape from this hellish cult somehow .

Mr. Nouri Al Maliki as you are well informed that the leader and the notorious guru of this cult in his recent message to the members of this cult , has ordered that in the case of evacuation of the Liberty-camp , each day 100 members of

pmoi should set themselves on fire for his sake . we received this message from our friends in Liberty camp regarding to this subject through your security guards in Liberty Camp which the message was handed over to them so the authenticity of this message is hundred percent .

Unfortunately the leaders of this notorious cult have forced their members to sign their readiness to set themselves on fire and kill themselves in this regard.

Mr. Nouri Al maliki

Among us , there are many people who have loved ones in this notorious cult like their fathers and mothers , their sons or daughters or est ………… and even the people who have just friends there . We are very worried about the destiny and future of those stranded people in that notorious cult specially after the recent death- order of the notorious guru and leader of this cult , Massoud Rajavi .

It is crystal clear for each one of us that Rajavi is not concerned about the lives of those stranded members in Iraq and the only thing which he is thinking about is to rescue his worthless life and preventing the collapse of his deadly cult by killing them in Iraq and the family of those stranded members are the only one who should pay the price by watching their loved ones being killed by his order.

Mr. Nouri Al maliki

We are urging you to help us and the family of those stranded members to help those members before Rajavi’s objective of killing them reaches to it’s final stage.

Thank you , and all the best to you and the people of Iraq

Some of our friends in Camp Liberty had sent us a letter through the Iraqi security guards in camp liberty which we would like to share it with you . This letter has been translated in english .

First of all , we are very delighted that you could manage to rescue yourselves from the hellish cult of Rajavi. Second of all we do not want to mention our names because we are not sure that the letter will reach to your hands or not and maybe the letter will be taken from us by pmoi operatives and in this case we do not want to put ourselves in trouble and danger by mentioning our names in this letter so please forgive us that the letter is anonymous . we want just to inform you that in camp liberty a red alert has been issued by Massoud Rajavi because he has ordered that in case of expulsion orwithdrawal from Liberty camp, at least 100 persons or more should set themselves on fire everyday till the international societies prevent their expulsion . He said that ,this is a military order like the order of the eternal light military operation and he mentioned that even Maryam Rajavi herself has declared her readiness to be with you on the battle ground.

After his order , the pmoi operatives broadcast a sound of tick tack of a clock through a megaphone and they told us this red alert has just started ! then the pmoi operatives gave us a paper to write our readiness for self immolation and some of the pmoi commanders stood up and shouted out loud ,ready , ready, ready to force and provoke others to declare their readiness .

We are urging you to be our voice and convey our message to the ICRC, UNHCR, UN, Human Rights societies and …….. etc as soon as possible because we are living in a situation that some members may set themselves on fire in any moment !

Thank you and all the best to you

Iran Zanan Association, germany published the letter

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