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Speaking of human Rights, Paradox of the Cult of Rajavi

As soon as her supervisors turned their back, she opened the door next to the doctor’s room and ran through the long corridor. At the end of the corridor, there was another door opening to a hall where she rushed to a window. She was lucky that there was no bars on the window so she could squeeze through the window. She breathlessly ran again and again until she reached Iraqi forces guarding Camp Ashraf.

Zahra Mirbagheri, former member of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization ( the MKO) left three sisters and a brother in Camp Ashraf after she was fed up with mental and physical tortures under the oppressive mind control system of the Cult of Rajavi ( the MKO).

She is now married in Iran but looking forward to the releasing of her siblings who are still taken as hostages by the MKO authorities. According to Zahra’s testimony, they had no family relationship in the Camp Ashraf due to the strictly scheduled and emotionless life in the MKO cult in which no one is allowed to think of love, family and friends. Zahra and her mother are waiting for their loved ones and hoping that they find their way out of the cult someday.

As a matter of fact, the rank and file of the MKO must dedicate their entire life to their leaders Massoud and Maryam Rajavi under a manipulation program that requires members to attend self-criticism meetings and to undertake cult jargons every day.

Zahra and her family are a few of thousands of the MKO’s victims. Finian Cunningham, a prominent expert in international affairs opens his latest article on the US sponsored MKO terrorists, with the bitter story of another victim of the MKO: Masoumeh. She was only six years old when MKO gunmen shoot her family members dead at home. “Masoumeh and other children in the house were spared in the massacre,” Cunningham writes. “But everyday of her life ever since that horror, she lives with the nightmare encountered that morning when she woke as a young girl.”[1]

“My mother was innocent,” she recounts with an abiding, heartrending disbelief that her beloved was so cruelly torn from her life. [2]

There are a lot of more families who were torn by the MKO either in its terror acts or as a result of the cult-like despotic approach by its leaders. By contrast, today Maryam Rajavi who speaks under the so-called title of “president-elect”, boasts of human rights and democracy that she could bring to the Iranian people.

Over a decade the MKO’s misinformation campaign tried to mislead the West about the Iranian nuclear program. However, the nuclear deal was finally reached between the West and Iran.

Defeated tactic pushed the MKO to take the next step. They took action to bold a new propaganda: human rights in Iran. Maryam Rajavi orders the West to empower her cult as dissidents of the Islamic Republic –perhaps like what happened in Syria and Iraq. She accuses Islamic Republic of launching “a war against its own people” by “executions, imprisonments, intimidation and repression.”

Maryam Rajavi claims that her cult can fulfill the desire of the Iranian people for democratic change while Iranian victims of the MKO mount to thousands of people who never forget the group’s atrocities against its own people. The MKO, as Fininnan Cunningham describes, is the most notorious group that has devastated Iranian families by acts of terrorism. [3]

Caleb Maupin, American journalist exposes the MKO as “a group of fanatics” who “has killed tens of thousands of innocent people since the Iranian revolution in 1979”. [4]

He states that the MKO turned into a destructive abusive cult after it was sided with Saddam Hussein against its own countrymen.  “Hossein forces air-dropped bands of MEK fighters into Iran where, as the self-named “Iranian National Liberation Army”, writes Maupin.[5]

He mentions the MKO’s role in Iraq, as Saddam Hussein’s “personal goon squad” who slaughtered Kurds of Iraq. Thus, he ironically puts the subtitle “Mass murderers as Human Rights Activists” who chant slogans of democracy and human rights.[6]

The MKO agents follow Maryam Rajavi’s agenda in their recent masquerade show in front of the United Nations during its General Assembly. The few MKO agents who attended the so-called protest were “a group of elderly, agitated Persians” who tried to pass themselves off as “Human Rights Activists”. [7]

Caleb Mupin calls their show as a display of “insanity to the world by calling for greater hostility between the United States and the Islamic Republic.” Referring to the collaboration of the MKO and Mossad to kill the Iranian nuclear scientists, Maupin reveals the MKO as a supporter of Netanyahu’s Likud Party, too.

Considering the dark history of human rights abuses in the undemocratic Cult of Rajavi, Maryam Rajavi’s claim for democracy and human rights (that she promises to be fulfilled in Iran by the empowerment of the MKO) seems absolutely absurd. 

By: Mazda Parsi


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