Camp Liberty residents transfer to Albania resumed

After a week-halt on the relocation process, it was resumed on October 21st.

37 more TTL residents transferred to Albania in two groups, Peyvand-e rahayee Website reported.

The Mujahedin-e Khalq Cult leaders stopped the transfers under the pretext of Tasua & Ashura rituals and ceremonies of October 22nd (annual of the so called Maryam Rajavi’s election as the president–elect of Iran by NCR headed by Massoud Rajavi).

However the UNHCR representatives and Iraqi government and USA officials who are tasked with managing and supervising the relocation process denied the pretexts and required the moves to be resumed.

Names of the transferred persons are as follows; some names may be aliases.

  1. Farank Abkhezr
  2. Mohammd Ali Agahi
  3. Shahrzad Ehsani
  4. Gholam Asadi
  5. Maryam Afsay
  6. Fatemeh Jaafari Hatam
  7. Abulghasem Habibpur
  8. Zohreh Hasanzadeh
  9. Sahar Hasanzadeh Gargari
  10. Fatemeh Khavari
  11. Mohammad Khodabandeh
  12. Elaheh Dalvand
  13. Mohammad dehghan Gurabi
  14. Mansour Rahimi
  15. Mahshid Rostami
  16. Tahereh Zaranji
  17. Ahmad Zaman Khanpur
  18. Isa Sabzi chi
  19. Zahra Suresrafil
  20. Ghorban Arab
  21. Leila Onsori
  22. Manouchehr Gholampur
  23. Sedigheh Ghabeli
  24. Farzaneh Kordbacheh
  25. Zahra Kohandel
  26. Zahra Gonjeshki
  27. Reza Lagheyd
  28. Alam Mamadzadeh Gargari
  29. Nasim Mamadzadeh Gargari
  30. Behnaz Mojalal
  31. Mah Legha Maryam Dadi
  32. Shahim Moghadam
  33. Maryam Malek
  34. Zahra Mirseyedi Amiran
  35. Shahram Naseri
  36. Ali Asghar Nuri
  37. Ashraf Hadi

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