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What’s going on in the MKO camp in Albania?

Following the relocation of hundreds of the MKO members from Iraq to Albania, defecting from the group has increased. A defector of the group is publishing reports on the situation of the group’s base in Albania; the reports are published under the pseudonym “Mehdi Tofiqi”. According to his reports, leaders of the cult of Rajavi awfully panic the decline of their establishment. Therefore, supervision and control over members have become stricter. Here’s an extract of Tofiqi’s account of what is going on in the MKO base in Tirana, Albania:

The leadership of the MKO tries to change the list that is prepared by the UNHCR. They make efforts to list the names of those who should be relocated under their own control and supervision.

They want the relocation process to be gradual and under their control. Their meticulously prepared list includes fifteen people who should be supervised by a Rajavi’s henchman. Besides, the leadership has sent thugs like Javad Khorasan and Farzaneh Meidanshahi to Albania to control the collapsing structure of the group, here.

The main camp in Tirana is located near a highway. The building‘s façade is made of glass. It is called “Camp 49”. The group’s officials have made an eating place in the building which opens to a Police Station – the Albanian police controls our arrival and exit. The Albanian government have also placed a guarding team in front of the camp because they do not trust the group authorities. The cult-like organizational meetings are held in this building too.

Despite Rajavi’s insistence on concentration of the group forces in a single base like camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty, here in Tirana, he has taken a new policy; he prevents the accumulation of members. Particularly, recently relocated ones are kept in small rooms. The windows of the building are covered by newspapers because they want to prevent members from seeing the outside world…

Teams of female commandants come to Tirana from Auver sur d’Oise, Paris to hold brainwashing sessions regularly. The dispatched teams of Maryam Rajavi have two main goals. First, to hold meetings where films of the so-called ideological revolution and speeches of Massoud Rajavi are shown repeatedly in order to stop the deep depression of members and the increasing process of defection.

The second goal of the authorities in Albania is to send their spies to penetrate among defected members. The spies provide daily reports on the conditions of the defectors’ lives in Albania. The reports are then sent to the authorities in order that they can plan new agenda to impose more pressure on defectors…

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