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Nejat NewsLetter NO.40

Inside This Issue:

  1. Iranian Opposition Ex-Fighters ‘Transferred to Albania’
  2. Desperate widow of Mas-soud Rajavi
  3. Maryam and Massoud Rajavi should be prosecuted
  4. MKO hostages’ mothers pen letter to the chief of UNHCR
  5. Mojahedin khalq at war with each other, seek help from PM Edi Rama
  6. Albanian citizens fearful of radicalised Mojahedin Khalq neighbours deserve more information
  7. Iran: Politics, Persian Gulf Security, and U.S. Policy
  8. America’s ironic two faced war on terror ignores US support for Mojahedin Khalq
  9. About Nejat Society
  10. Panel of Mujahedin-e Khalq

Download Nejat NewsLetter ISSUE NO.40
Download Nejat NewsLetter ISSUE NO.40

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