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Beware of the New Terrorist Conspiracy

Dr. Jamal Al-Ali in an article dated July 5 published in Arz Alsawad newspaper warned Iraqi people against the new terrorist plots by Mojahedin, the US forces, the ousted regime’s elements and other terrorist factions. Starting its article referring to Mojahedin’s organized gathering in Camp Ahraf he stated:

The recent comments of a tribal leader from Dyalah province in an interview with an Iraqi satellite television asking Al-Maleki’s government to start investigating on the reasons and objectives of a meeting held in terrorist MKO’s Camp Ashraf with the assistance of US military commanders, military officers from former regime and with the participation of some group leaders sounds the alarm about such activities.

I was thinking about the issue when I received a letter from one of my literate Iraqi friends residing in Iran quoting in his letter a part of Keyhan Al-Arabi disclosing plots against the elected government of Mr. Nuri al-Maliki to restore the elements of the ousted Saddam to power by the assistance of the US occupying forces, MKO, pro-Baathist regime elements and other rejected terrorists. I take it my responsibility to inform of the Iraqi people of the terrorist plots.

Unveiling the objectives these terrorist plots he further elaborated:

They want to assassinate Shia clerics and elites and destabilize Kazemiah in order to crush the Shiites and then, introduce Al-Mahdi forces, Badr organization and Hizb Al-Dawa as the ones behind instability in Iraq.

By destabilizing the country, they want to convince public opinion that Nuri al-Maliki is not able to stabilize the country. They want their own puppets in the government.

MKO terrorists, who have declared their preparedness for conducting this plot, will engage with Shiites. In this way, they want to improve their face for Americans so as to be lifted from terror list!

Meetings are held in Camp Ashraf in order to coordinate terrorist operations.

By Dr. Jamal Al-Ali- Arz Alsawad newspaper

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