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A Record of High Treason

Reported by NCRI website, the self-elect Maryam Rajavi congratulated the Iranian nation on the UN Security Council’s first resolution against Iran demanding a halt to all uranium enrichment activities. She did not even hesitate to call on the UN Security Council to impose comprehensive sanctions against Iran.

None of the other Iranian opposition groups and dissidents, in spite of being vigorous opponents to the Islamic Republic, endorse Mojahedin Khalq’s position taken against Iran’s nuclear program because they are well aware of the fact that the right of taking advantage of peaceful nuclear technology belongs to Iranian nation rather than the ruling power.

Mojahedin heartily approve the UN Security Council’s resolution while they believe themselves to be the successors of the late Dr. Mosaddeq, the Iranian Prime Minister who led the Oil Nationalization struggle in 1950s, who intended to free Iran from foreign exploitation of its oil resources. At that time, too, some European countries along with the United States disapproved Iran’s right to nationalize its resources. Their objection was followed by a coup d’etat, organized by the US and the UK, against Mosaddeq’s legal government to safeguard their interests.

The Iranian people, for the second time in the history and in a similar occasion to that of the Oil Nationalization struggle, are pioneering a courageous movement in the developing world to demand their inalienable right to exercise sovereignty over their natural resources. All patriots advocate the will of nation; it is an act of high treason to congratulate a nation on possibility of being deprived of their right. Nevertheless, it is typical of an expelled terrorist group. It is not Mojahedin’s first time to take side with enemies against the nation.

mojahedin.ws –  A. Afshar    01/08/2006

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