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The Betrayers Who Posture as Heroes

Celebrating the century-long anniversary of the Iranian Constitutional Movement of 1905-9, Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) avows to be the heir of the patriotic heroes and the Mojahed commanders of the revolutionary army like Sattar Khan. The term Mojahed was a label to some armed volunteers in the constitutional revolution that Mojahedin Khalq mischievously subsumed in their organizational label. Mojahedin conclude that the constitutional movement sustained a failure more because some pro-British elements betrayed and deserted Sattar Khan.

They call themselves “the main Iranian Resistance” representing a nation that has, since inception of republic system after monarch’s downfall, labeled them hypocrites. the crimes and atrocities which they have perpetrated hits such a big record in history and they are so execrated among their people that no pro-Monarchists nor other Iranian dissident groups, and diaspora would wish to be thrown in with Mojahedin in anyway at all.

One may ask what are they doing all these for? The explanation for their actions is quite obvious: they’re willing to give away Iran in bits and pieces to those who are waiting to devour it granted half a chance as long as they might be provided with an opportunity to come to power. The only thing Mojahedin care not the least for is people.

Mojahedin culminate against pro-British traitors who had deserted Sattar Khan while they have overstepped the limits of betraying a commander; they betrayed the whole nation. They have developed a lexicon of their own with the altered connotations. When Rajavi fled from Tehran to Paris, hidden in women’s clothes aboard a hijacked aircraft, he referred to his escape as "the most courageous act of heroism", and when he signed a "treaty" with Tareq Aziz, then one of Saddam’s top aides, to help Iraq in the war against Iran, the Mujahedin hailed the move as "a great patriotic act".

Mojahedin are perpetrators of high treason besmirching the reputation of the true Iranian patriots and Mojaheds. What Mojahedin did against Iranian people in the past and are doing at the present under whatever pretext is totally unforgivable. If Mojahedin are opposed to the current ruling system and government of Iran some other different people and groups might share the same opinion. But none of the other groups and individuals betrayed and deserted the nation. That was hardly a justification for Mojahedin to go and side with an enemy at war with the nation besides masterminding terrorist operations.

Now enjoying the full hospitality of the Western patrons, Mojahedin, under the full command of the hosts feeding them, have accomplished violation of allegiance toward their country’s sovereign and betrayal of the nation by consciously and purposely acting to aid the enemies through inciting and waging war against Iran. The very same countries supporting and hosting Mojahedin have passed sever laws for charges of treason. Even in the US, providing "material aid and comfort to the enemy during wartime" is treason and also punishable by death. The question is why, then, these countries support and nurse the terrorists and betrayers who deserve to be punished for their treasonous deeds?

A big number of disappointed Mojahedin members are living in Camp Ashraf under hard condition at the present. They have been unnerved by never-ending intimidations of being tried for treason if they returned to Iran. The common sense approves the process but the Iranian authorities have issued a general amnesty for those Mojahedin members whose hands are clean of peoples’ blood. Naturally, the offer doses not apply to MKO ringleaders who have directly been involved in terrorist operations and crimes against the Iranian people. If Mojahedin ever care to be relieved of the ignominy of betraying the nation, they have to return to take side with people against whoever might pose a threat.

mojahedin.ws –  By Sattar Orangi    August 7, 2006

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