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MKO Team Meets Iraq Terrorists

According to the incoming reports, a team of members of Rajavi’s gang based in Paris and led by Mohammed Ali Towhidi, have passed European countries to get to Jordan and then Iraq where they have met members of terrorist Al-Qaeda and remnants of Baath party in Ramadi, Al-Amarah and Baqubah. They have discussed a number of issues in the meetings.

According to the reports of an Iraqi source, the discussions were focused on the interference of these elements to prevent the expulsion of MKO from Iraq and the armed protection of MKO members restricted to Camp Ashraf.

This team also carried new guidelines for the Gestapo of Ashraf, which were delivered outside the usual communication channels of the group.

The main message was that the behavior that led to the freedom of Maryam Rajavi in Paris should be repeated. This means "forcing the members to commit suicide and set themselves on fire."

A source close to the NCRI said on the mission:

"These efforts, initiated after restrictions on the MKO in Paris were lifted, include the movements across Europe and traveling to Iraq. Maryam Rajavi’s visit to Belgium which the MKO tried to exaggerate was aimed at diverting the attentions from these secret visits to Iraq."

Irandidban     2006/10/31

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