Scandal / Tourism without water – which goes to Mojahedin Khalq

At the height of the tourist season, one of the most frequented beaches in Durres, Lalzi Bay, is not supplied with drinking water.

The news was announced by the journalist Andi Bejtja, who in a post on his social network, writes that the reason for this is because a special pipe has been added to the network which prioritises water for the Mojahedin camp at Maminas.

“Come on, come on, there is no water at all in Lalzi at the height of the tourist season, that a special pipe is inserted into the network and as a priority water goes to the Mojahedin camp in Maminas. It’s better to be a Mojahed than a tourist in the summer.”

CNA, by G.T., Albania, Translated by Iran Interlink,


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