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West Tries to Save Its Face

This article is simply a reply to the new propagandistic wave by the MKO, aimed at boosting the morale of its confused members; this article also tries to remind MKO supporters and members of some facts on the status of the organization.

1. What the MKO is making so much noise about is only a ruling which will remain in judicial levels in Europe, if it’s not rejected or revised by other judicial institutions. According to experiences, it could be said that European courts have always had more hostile attitudes towards Iran and have always supported Iranian opposition groups but they have never been able to change the policies their governments are bound to. The fact is that these courts have always tried to help their own politicians by issuing such rulings.

2. European Union and the US have always announced that the MKO is terrorist and undemocratic organization. The issue of considering them undemocratic is older than putting them on terror lists. Apparently it’s not difficult to get the reason why they call it undemocratic with respect to Western criteria.

3. Both Europe and the US have stressed that while opposing the Iranian government they refuse to support an inhuman cult that observes no respect for democracy and human rights. Even the most radical parties in the Congress have proposed bills in the favor of Iranian opposition groups without mentioning the MKO and only referring to these groups as "democratic ones inside Iran".

4. It can be heard from sources close to the MKO and NCRI that there’s a consensus on the necessity of creating a unity between Mojahedin and all forces claiming to be opposing the Iranian regime (as a condition for West’s support for MKO). This has been understood fully by the MKO and they know that this is one of Westerners’ requirements.

5. More important problem for the MKO is its sectarian, totalitarian structure which, on one hand, prevents other groups from making alliance with this group and, on the other, forces the MKO to remain closed in order not to be dismantled.

Considering these notes, one can understand that the situation is more difficult than what the MKO tries to introduce to its forces.

Besides, to save its face and to convince the people of the world that there’s democracy in the West, Westerners will not support this group.

All above considerations assume that the US is following the line of military interference in the Middle East, while we all know that Americans have announced their decision to change their policies in the region. In addition, the recent resolution against Iran was passed to speedup talks between Iran and Europe. In such situation, the conditions of the MKO will worsen.

Irandidban –  2006/12/30

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