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Defections Intensify in MKO

Intensifying critical situation for the MKO in Iraq, including Iraqi government’s order for the expulsion of group from Iraq, has caused the increasing growth of defections by captive MKO members in Camp Ashraf.

Reports coming to Irandidban indicate that despite efforts by Camp Ashraf’s Gestapo to keep the news on defections as secret, the wave of defection from the MKO has increased considerably so that each week a number of members (finding themselves) escape from the cult’s camp and try to reach the gates of free world.

Family of a former MKO member, based in TIPF, reported that in the latest wave of defection, 5 repentant members of the group escaped the cult and joined the TIPF.

"Two women are among these people, one of whom is Ms. Batoul Soltani, 40, from the city of Isfahan. Her daughter, Setareh, was forcefully separated from her mother and taken to Europe in 1991. Setareh is now living with a pro-MKO family in Sweden and, in fact, she is captive of MKO," the report adds.

In the end, pointing to the observations and experiences of those who have recently escaped the cult of Rajavi, report adds that, "the current situation in Camp Ashraf indicates of a silence before storm. The energy accumulated in suppressed members is ready to be released and exploded."


Irandidban –  2007/02/04

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