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The Report of Habilian Exhibition in Tehran Congress

The First International Congress on Resistance Culture was held under the name of “Islamic World, Victim of terrorism” during 1, 2 May at OIC Summit Hall in Tehran.

In this meeting, intellectuals and cultural figures from different countries have been gathered to derivation of terrorism and the way to confront it and also stressed on role of imperialist powers on this issue and asked to limit terrorists.

The participants emphasized on the historical and organic relation between terrorism and radical thoughts against humanity such as Nazi, fascist, Zionist and imperialist groups.

Habilian associations held an exhibition as a main part of congress on Munafeqin (Mojahedin Khalq Organisation. aka: Rajavi cult) terrorist group’s crimes and a lot of people also came and visit it eagerly.

For the first time in this exhibition, a list of 16000 victims was presented into divided and provincial parts with the name of place.

Also some pictorial documents and evidence of terrorism case in Iran were shown in this exhibition and they were noticed perfectly by visitors and especially young people.

Detailed report of this exhibition and visits and meetings of Habilian association’s members with some figures will be published in next days.

Pictorial report

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