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People of Kut (Iraq) Call For Expulsion of mojahedin

People of Kut (Iraq) Call For Expulsion of mojahedin(aka: Mojahedin Khalq, Rajavi cult, NCRI,…)

In a meeting with Habilian’s Secretary General, more than 500 tribal leaders, engineers, doctors and cultural activist from Kut province called for the expulsion of mojahedin.

In the meeting, joined by Habilian’s executive secretary Mohamad Sanawi and some other members of the Association, representative of Kut tribesmen and people Sheikh Hajj Sa’d Abdulhosein stressed that mojahedin are the common enemy of Iranians and Iraqis.”More than Iranians, Iraqis suffered from this group and that’s why they call for the expulsion of the group.

At the beginning of the meeting, Habilian’s Secretary General Mohamad Javad Hasheminezhad welcomed the Iraqi delegation and said that plans for dividing Iraqis are doomed to fail, underlining deep cultural and religious commonalities of the two countries.

Reviewing Iraqi developments after Saddam, Mr. Hasheminezhad said the expansion of terrorist operations was a result of occupiers’ presence in Iraq adding:

“Terrorists are mercenaries of big powers and terrorism couldn’t be rooted out until Americans are present in Iraq. A clear example of this is the terrorist group mojahedin. Americans introduce them as terrorists and protect them at the same time, preventing their expulsion from Iraq. They shout slogans of democracy but they want a puppet government. However, Iraqi people didn’t allow Americans’ dreams come true.”

Sheikh Hajj Sa’d Abdulhosein also pointed to Iran’s sovereignty in the region and said:”I’ve no ties to any political movement and I speak as an Iraqi. We are happy that Iran has hot nuclear energy. This has changed the power balance in favor of nations.”

On the issue of mojahedin, he addressed Mr. Hasheminezhad and said:

“When Saddam was in power, Iraqis suffered more than Iranians from the group. They helped former security services of Saddam, which played an active role in suppressing Iraqi people and opposition. We hope Iraqi parliament’s decisions to expel this terrorist group could be executed as soon as possible.”

Following Sheikh Sa’d comments, Mr. Ghazi, a cultural activist from Kut, explained the general situation of Iraq and talked about the problems:

“We are now challenged by terrorism in Iraq, including the presence of terrorist group of mojahedin that’s our common problem. The two nations have many commonalities; so, we ask the Iranian government to help establishing security and fighting terrorism in Iraq.”

Then, Taleb Abdulamir explained Iraq’s educational status and said that there were many talented students among Iraqi youths. He presented his proposals for strengthening cultural ties, particularly in the field of higher education.

He also stressed that all Iraqi elites want the expulsion of MKO from Iraq.

At the end of the meeting, participants watched a film on Mujahedin’s crimes.

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