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Rioting in Camp Ashraf

Rioting in Camp Ashraf – Families send urgent appeal for help to International bodies

Yesterday evening we heard shouting and strange sounds coming from inside Camp Ashraf. We tried to investigate, but could not see anything from our vantage point. After a while, the electricityFamilies picketing in front of Camp Ashraf, May 02, 2010 in the camp was cut off and more shouting, screaming and protesting voices were heard from inside the camp. We were obviously concerned about our family members trapped inside. Later on, an Iraqi officer approached us. We asked him about the shouting and voices of protest. He told us that some of our children inside the camp have started rioting and want to get out, but the leaders and commanders of Rajavi’s cult have stopped them and suppressed the riot.

While listening to him, we noticed that some Iraqi military vehicles were entering the camp with some urgency. They came out about an hour later. They also told us that there had been a riot inside the camp and that many of the people inside have become disaffected. The Iraqi army officers said that they did not enter the area where the riot was taking place. We don’t know what exactly has happened during this riot. But, we can say that the voices have now stopped.

We spent all last night worrying about our family members and today decided to raise our concerns and ask for help from any and all international bodies which can hear us.
Human rights organisations:

We the families of Mojahedin Khalq hostages, who are picketing outside Camp Ashraf, are worried and concerned about the physical wellbeing of our children. We are especially worried about the list of 53 of these captives which has been announced by the Mojahedin Khalq leaders with the claim that they have signed a letter refusing to meet their families and parents! No-one has seen or heard from these 53 captives. How do we know these are genuine?

Considering this new development, we announce that we are in no hurry to meet our children and family members. We beg all international bodies concerned with this issue to intervene immediately to stop the suppression, torture and possible murder of our loved ones. We urge all international bodies concerned with this issue to hurry to this camp before it is too late and meet with the individuals inside the camp without the presence of the leaders of the cult, and ascertain their true situation and wellbeing.

With thanks,
Families picketing in front of Camp Ashraf – May 02, 2010

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