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Unmistakable similarity of Sawers language with MKO terrorists

The unmistakable similarity of John Sawers language with Washington backed MKO terrorists

Text of report by state-run Iranian TV channel one on 10 November
[Presenter] You probably know what they call an individual residing in a country and gathering secret information for an alien country. Yes, that is right; they call that person a spy.

The report that Reza Nowruzian has prepared for us in the magazine report section tries to give a greater explanation of espionage.

[Nowruzian] The western countries which follow a colonial agenda make great investments in espionage and have vast networks in this arena.

The CIA which is an American espionage organisation and MI6 which works for the British are cases in point.

The latter; I believe it was the first time that its head [John Sawers] ever talked in public. It appears that in recent years he has gathered a large number of spies around him.

Yes, this very Mr Sawers has stressed that they [presumably MI6] are very sensitive on the issue of Iran and they will do anything they can to hamper Iran and cause problems for it.

But, we have to listen to the remarks of our country’s Minister of Intelligence [Heydar Moslehi] who has analysed the remarks of Mr Sawers in a sense. Let us see the report.

After 101 years, for the first time and as the head of the British intelligence outfit John Sawers appeared in front of the cameras in order to announce the general outline of the espionage activities of his country.

[John Sawers shown delivering speech with Persian voice over] The British intelligence service known as MI6 has increased its cooperation with foreign elements in recent years.

[Moslehi] If they could recruit anyone as a spy or groups such as this, they would normally have been employed for terrorist and subversive activities.

[Nowruzian] In a part of his remarks, the head of MI6 John Sawers said that [Persian voice over] in the British intelligence services we obtain our intelligence from our secret agents.

But who are these secret agents of Britain in reality? [John Sawers shown delivering speech with Persian voice over] These are usually foreign individuals and all of whom have access to secret information and cooperate with us through their own personal choice.

[Moslehi] This is a country which itself admits that it is meddling in another country. We also have evidence that this country is conducting these operations in a context of terrorist activities. We have to expose their real image as self-claimed upholders of human rights.

[Nowruzian] While as a diversion he claims that Iran is priority number one for Britain, Sawers goes on to mention only Iran in the course of his speech and tries to portray the psychological warfare that it has waged against Iran before and after its nuclear development as an intelligence victory.

[John Sawers shown delivering speech with Persian voice over] The revelation of the enrichment site in Iran was an intelligence victory.

[Nowruzian] Reflecting a little on the language used in the course of the talks by Sawers, one would notice that his literature has an unmistakable similarity to that of the Monafeqin [Mojahedin Khalq Organisation opposed to the Islamic Republic]. Of course, it will not be and is not surprising for you to know that Sawers has deep ties with the Monafeqin terrorist group for 10 years now. And, in the course of these 10 years he has rendered great services to this group by removing them from the blacklist of terrorist groups.

The head of the British intelligence services has advanced the Iran-phobia project by defining the new doctrine of the British espionage outfit as stopping the nuclear activities of Iran in this way:

[John Sawers shown delivering speech with Persian voice over] We need intelligence operations in order to make the path of countries which are developing in the nuclear field much harder.

[Moslehi] As we definitely see one of our missions as the need to defend the Islamic Revolution, we consider no limits constraining us in this issue. Everywhere, our belief is that wherever the global arrogance is confronting us we have to stand up to it.
[Nowruzian] Financial and moral assistance given to small and big groups in the east and west of our country is another aspect of the subversion of Britain [against Iran].

The terrorist gangs such as the Monafeqin, PJAK, Rigi [Baluchestan Sunni armed group in south east Iran] and Komala [Maoist organisation mostly active in south of Iranian Kurdistan] and others have rendered great services to Western espionage organisations such as MI6. These are done in order to distort the security situation in the country. This was against a background where the Islamic Republic was confronting the ruffians with resolve.

[Video of an unnamed suspect] In the course of two trips to Iraq and returning to Tehran my unit head was a lady called Nahid and who resided in Britain and contacted me from there. She told me that I have to carry out operations.

[Video of another suspect with dramatic music played in the background] The silence and tranquillity that has been established must be broken [must be broken repeated several times for dramatic effect].

[Moslehi] All the groups that are conducting terrorist operations and soft war, so to speak, against the Islamic Republic; their major nucleus is either located in London or one of their main nuclei is in Britain. In other words, one of the central units is located there.

[Nowruzian] One of these terrorist groups that has directed its actions from Britain is the Komala terrorist gang. It is a group that is being directed by Jalil Fattahi. After conducting a number of terrorist operations in Iran, Jalil Fattahi fled to London so that he can carry out his plans inside Iran with the aid of British agents.

By undertaking numerous trips to Sulaymaniyah in Iraq, Fattahi met Komala terrorists and transferred financial and oral support of Britain for these gangs.

But, in the latest tracking down operations, four members of this terrorist gang were trapped in the net set for them by the security agents of Iran. While admitting to the kind of operations in our country – terror against individuals – they described their links to Britain thus:

[Video of one of the people presented as an arrested member of the group of four] In reality, I am not the key player, there are others such as Britain.

[Nowruzian] In reality what Sawers says is not gaining intelligence but creating news in the style of Monafeqin. This is because the fabrication of news on the transparent nuclear activities of Iran shows that Sawers’s allies have perpetrated news fabrication in this media war against Iran.

[Moslehi] In effect the Revolution has found itself. And, it has found the path it needs to traverse and it is advancing at full throttle. The anger that they feel is caused by this momentum. If they wage a soft war against us it will be a defensive one. We, in reality, are conducting a guided soft war against the global arrogance formerly by the leadership of the Great deceased Imam [Khomeyni] and latterly by the Supreme Leader [Ali Khamene’i].

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