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Nejat Society Letter to the UN Secretary General

Dear UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon,

The residents of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization’s headquarter in Iraq, Camp Ashraf moved toNejat Society Letter to the UN Secretary General a Temporary Transit Location, Camp Liberty near Baghdad airport, according to the Memorandum of Understanding signed by UN special representative, Ambassador Martin Kobler and the Iraqi Government. Previously too reluctant to move to TTL (Camp Liberty), having settled down in the new site, the MKO leaders are now seeking the recognition of Liberty as Refugee Camp by the UN.

Regarding the testimonies of recently defected members, the leaders of the MKO are making efforts to maintain the manipulative controlling system of their cult-like group in Camp Liberty. They even do not allow the residents to use the facilities allocated to them by the UNHCR. Members are not allowed to use telephones, televisions. They have no access to the world outside the Cult of Rajavi, yet.

Systematic psychological pressure is heavily used against the Cult members. Manipulation sessions are held much more severely, according to escapees from Camp Liberty.

Members of the group are not permitted to visit their families who have been waiting to meet their loved ones in a free atmosphere, for so long.

Today, the leaders of the MKO seek to turn Camp Liberty to a small-size Camp Ashraf, with the same regulations and the same cult-like structure. They have ramped up suppression against members in order to prevent the collapse of the group. Thus, their last resort for the time being is to push the UN to recognize Liberty as a Refugee Camp. This way, they can prolong their stay in Iraq and eventually the structure of their cult-like organization.

Mr. Secretary General,
One of the most crucial rights deprived from the MKO members is the freedom to choose for their fate; to choose where to live; to choose where to go. Definitely, you and your respectable colleagues stand for individuals’ basic human rights but the leaders of the Cult of Rajavi continue to violate the members’ rights day and night. They intend to turn the temporary transit camp to a permanent refugee camp and ultimately another container for their cult of personality.

Do not allow the cult leaders to keep on abusing our loved ones mentally and physically imprisoned in their cult trap. Appreciating the acts of the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq in the evacuation of Camp Ashraf, we shall be pleased to see your prompt cooperation to aid the residents of TTL decide for their own future without the supervision of the MKO authorities.


  Nejat Society

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