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Letter of Sahar Family Foundation to Martin Kobler

Following the remarks made by the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative to Iraq, Mr Martin Kobler, that the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) is not cooperating with the international bodies responsible for relocating the residents of Camp Liberty to third countries, Sahar Family Foundation (SFF) wrote a letter to him and raised Letter of Sahar Family Foundation to Martin Koblersome issues and questions, along with some propositions and demands.

The text of the letter is as follows:

Mr Martin Kobler

UN Secretary General’s Special Representative to Iraq

UNAMI, Baghdad, June 1, 2013

Dear Mr Kobler,

Following your remarks that the MEK, which has 3400 members in Camp Liberty in Iraq, does not cooperate with the international bodies to solve the problem of relocating the residents to third countries, we decided to raise some issues and questions along with some propositions and demands.

What follows might have been raised before in your meetings with the families and the former members or in our letters previously, but we found it necessary to repeat these important matters again as reminders.


1. Following the relocation of the MEK from Ashraf Garrison to Camp Liberty, the situation dramatically changed as far as the MEK leaders were concerned. Since Liberty was much smaller than Ashraf, the cultic controlling conditions could not be fully imposed and therefore the runaways increased and became more frequent. This clearly shows that the controlling methods used by the leaders in an isolated atmosphere are the only obstacles in the way of the residents gaining their freedom.

2. Massoud Rajavi has lately, in an internal hearing, said to the inhabitants of Camp Liberty that the atmosphere of Liberty is poisoned and must be detoxified. He then explained that the presence of the UN, ICRC, and Iraqi officials just outside the camp is a major threat to his cult. It is known that all cult leaders have double standards for inside and outside of their cults. Although Rajavi tries to keep in with international organizations and use their resources for his benefit, he actually considers their presence at Camp Liberty as deadly poison.

3. Rajavi has also said to his followers in Camp Liberty that the highest crime one can commit is to leave the organization and anyone attempting to do so is liable for capital punishment. This applies to the followers in western countries too. Rajavi has clearly exposed his criminal and murderous attitude. This idea is common with terrorist cults, that one who leaves the cult must be killed. Thus the security and safety of the residents of Camp Liberty is in danger and Massoud Rajavi should be considered as the highest threat.

4. Rajavi has striven for many years to keep his cult in Iraq and restore the conditions he used to enjoy under Saddam Hussein. The next option for him is that his cult be relocated as a group to a place similar to Ashraf in another county. This of course is against international laws and regulations and the UNHCR can by no means allow it. Everyone knows that Massoud Rajavi is creating obstacles in the way of the UN officials and he does not want to relocate the residents of Liberty to third countries. The reason is clear. Rajavi knows full well that when his followers leave the isolated and disciplined location of Camp Liberty they will leave his cult and will reveal the many atrocities practiced there.

5. You must be aware that it is about two and a half years that the families of those captured inside the cult are waiting in Iraq only demanding to visit their loved ones. But Rajavi, not only denying this, has made hateful accusations against them and subjected them to mal treatment such as physical and verbal harassment and throwing stones. Rajavi is well aware that once the suppressed emotions and feelings are triggered the effects of mind manipulation will fade away.

6. Rajavi has forbidden his followers to even think about moving to another country. He has resembled this to an epidemic of a deadly virus which can infect his cult. You are aware that he has ideologically banned his followers from talking with or interviews with UN monitors or with any outsider. He has announced that doing so is crossing the ideological picket line. Rajavi considers the relocation of his cult out of Iraq, managed by the UN, as dismantlement of his cult.

7. The last point that we have always repeated is that Rajavi will under no circumstances cooperate with UN officials unless he is forced to. You know that in the process of disarmament and in the process of relocating from Ashraf to Liberty and in the process of sending a small number of people to Albania, Rajavi has done his best to resist and create obstacles and finally, only when he had no other choice has he accepted the fact. No one can expect Rajavi to show logical sense and mutual collaboration.

Important and major questions:

1. Now that you have acknowledged Rajavi is not cooperating on the issue of being relocated from Iraq, and one must say that he has never cooperated on any issue with anyone at all and will never in future unless forced to do so, what is the UN’s plan to solve the problem and move the residents to third countries?

2. Is there any will at all to solve the problem and move Rajavi’s victims and hostages out of Iraq regardless of political maneuvers and agendas?

3. What can the families and the former members and human rights activists do to help in this issue, or does the UN find itself needless of any assistance?

Propositions and demands:

1. The experience of the recent past few years has shown clearly that Rajavi will not yield to international demands unless he is under enormous pressure. Therefore the political and international pressure on him must be increased and the help offered by families and former members must be brought into consideration.

2. The western and Iraqi lobby of the MEK that only seeks its own particular political interests must be pushed back; do not let the financial and political support of a destructive mind control cult claim more victims.

3. Camp Liberty residents’ contact with the outside world, in particular with their families, must be restored using every possible means, and the possibility of a life outside the cult must be shown to the followers who have no idea about what is going on around them in the outside world.

Sahar Family Foundation

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