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MKO, Lackey of Saddam

In his article "Resistance or Terror" in Saudinet, Iraqi author Dr. Mohannad Al-Barak, has discussed the issue of terrorism in Iraq and terrorist groups supported by Saddam:

"There are many questions for Iraqi people regarding the measures taken by the government to fight violence and terrorism. For instance, was it out of mercy to free thousands of criminals and murderers from prison? Or was it planned in order to execute the plans of Saddamist against the Iraq’s resistant people? Is leaving thousands of explosives and weapons in AlGha’Gha something out of ignorance? Where are thousands of Saddam’s fedayeen and spies, who were pillars of his regime? Why isn’t there any comment on Saddam’s Fedayeen, Mojahedin-e Khalq of Iran and pro-Saddam Palestinians? And who’s this Zarqawi?"

Mr. Albarak continues as follows:

"Iraqi’s will never forget that the Saddam and his murderous regime are responsible for terrorism in our country; they planned the assassination of our people. They enjoyed beheading, killing with axe and wild tigers and dogs as well as establishing and supporting terrorist organization; such as horrible spying organization tied to Estekhbarat, and other terrorist organization like the Mojahedin-e Khalq that targeted liberation movement of Arab and Muslim people."


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