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The MKO, an unsuccessful example in realizing women’s rights

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, the Mujahedin Khalq Organization ( the MKO) held a so-called conference “to advocate for better social and political treatment for women in Iran and across the world”, while the condition of women inside the MKO is disastrous.

The MKO considers “the political and cultural landscape for Iranian women as incredibly poor” while female defectors of the group everyday reveal new dimensions of women’s rights abuses committed in the cult-like system of the group.

Meanwhile, on another part of Europe, a meeting was held by former members of the group in Koln, Germany. They succeeded to organize the conference to criticize the destructive cult of Rajavi despite efforts made by the MKO’s agents to frustrate the event. According to the organizers of the meeting, the MKO agents had contacted the department that had rented the hall to the defectors, giving misinformation to obstruct their meeting. Ultimately their efforts were futile. Former members including Women Association succeeded to hold the meeting in which Ms. Batoul Soltani, Ms. Zahra Moeini and Ms. Homeyra Mohammad Nezhad denounced the Cult of Rajavi and warned the world about its threat of sectarianism and violence.

Conversely, the MKO authorities were not allowed to hold their alleged conference on women’s rights in public halls. The Albanian government cancelled the group’s event in the Central Orthodox Church of Tirana and the French authorities also did not allow the Cult to organize its conference in the Grand Arche’ La Defence which is a governmental building in the suburb of Paris.

This indicates that the MKO is not a reliable entity in Europe. Particularly in Albania, the mainstream media has turned against the group. Following the release of certain TV shows, news reports and an interview with the group’s defector Ehsan Bidi with the Abanian newspaper Dita, the Albanian government sounds to become more cautious about the threat of the Rajavi’s Cult.

France and Albanian states should be enough vigilant regarding the MKO in their territory. In both countries, the group has built its bases. More crucial issue is that Rajavi is trying to build a new Camp Ashraf in Tirana.

Today, the world is seeking new achievements for women in their way towards equality and freedom but the MKO has enslaved women. Women in the Cult of Rajavi are deprived from the most basic human rights. They can never love or be loved. They must be single forever; they cannot be mothers anymore; hysterectomy surgery is an order from leader. Those in the group who had children have been separated from children. They are not free to choose their clothes, they have to wear uniforms. Hijab is mandatory in the MKO.

Therefore, western audience of the MKO should get to know that female members of the MKO endure severe mental and physical tortures under the destructive mind control system of the cult. Maryam Rajavi’s “Ten Point Plan for Women’s Rights in tomorrow’s Iran” is absurd. It is only a well-furnished title to cover up the most horrific human rights violations against women in the cult of Rajavi.  

By Mazda Parsi

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