MEK has turned Camp Liberty into a prison

Mrs.Maryam Sanjabi has written a new valuable article on the situation in Camp liberty Mrs.Maryam Sanjabi has written a new valuable article on the situation in Camp liberty [Temporary Transit Location] where the last remaining members of MEK reside. Sanjabi`s review is important in regards to evaluating the situation of MEK members. She was an important and trusted figure in MEK and since decided to leave the cult like terrorist group, has remained active to help others inside. She has established a great contact with those who have managed to escape the camp and applied asylum from UN. In her article Sanjabi describes how MEK chain of command has made life in camp liberty as a concentration camp for people inside. She says that each individual has to get up at 5 am and follow a daily ordered program that is already set for them. The program consists of aimless labor till noon and from noon to night people are forced to attend ideological meeting.

She adds that MEK leaders have ordered a kind of separation and segregation. Every 3-4 residential building in the camp are set for a group of members and they have to spend their time inside the isolated section. "They are using some sort of curtains to cover each section. People have to stay inside this area even for eating. So the only things they can see are a few others and the sky.", She Says. Sanjabi believes that such efforts is to limit contacts between MEK members.

It was long mentioned that MEK keeps its members isolated and there is no means of communication with the outside world. But it seems that new efforts include preventing cult members from contacting each other.

Earlier this month there was a report indicating that an MEK member set himself on fire due to pressures he received from MEK commanders. Fortunately he was saved by Iraqi officials and survived.


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