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Nejat representatives at the Iran-Albania cultural event

Two representatives of Nejat Society attended the conference to commemorate the Albanian poet, Naim Frashër in Tehran.

Ebrahim Khodabandeh and Zahra Mirbagheri attended the event that was held to commemorate the Albanian writer and poet Naim Frasher who was the only European poet who to write Persian poetries. The conference was held with the help of Islamic Culture and Communication Organization, Teacher Training Faculty of Tehran University and some Albanian cultural centers.

There were also representatives of various countries such as Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Italy attending this event.

On the sidelines of the conference, Khodabandeh and Mirbagheri visited foreign invitees and journalists enlightening them about the current situation of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO, MEK, PMOI, the Cult of Rajavi) in Albania. They warned about the threats of the region is exposed to by the side of the cult-like Mujahedin Khalq.

Nejat representatives described the frustrations that families of the MKO members are faced with for visiting their beloved ones in the group’s camps in Albania. They also talked about the conditions of defectors of the group in that country.

Nejat delegation visited a number of academic figures of Balkan region including former president of Albania professor Rexhep Meidani , deputy chief of Albanian science academy professor Floresha Dado, Professor Ali Aliyev of the Macedonian State University, Professor Hamid Jaafari of the South-East European University of Macedonia, Professor Saeed Abedpour of science and research institute of Sarajevo in Bosnia and many other academics and journalists of the region.

Representatives of Nejat Society asked the Albanian government to facilitate the grounds for families of MKO members to travel to Albania in order to visit their loved ones who are taken as hostages in the MKO camps.

They invited a number of journalists to come to the office of Nejat Society and visit families of the MKO hostages and former members of the group.  The journalists accepted the invitation.

The additional report of the meeting at Nejat Society will be published in a while.

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