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MKO Reacts to Tribal Leaders’ Conference

Recently, the heads of tribes in Dyala province held a conference to discuss the critical economical and security situation as well as the presence of terrorist groups in the province.

A delegation of tribal leaders also briefed the government on the ways of improving security situation in the province.

Complaints on the illegal presence of terrorist organization of Mojahedin-e Khalq as a source of instability in the region were top on the agenda. They also backed government’s decision to expel the group from Iraq.

The murderous gang of Rajavi, which has created a group called”The Front of Saving Dyala”with the remnants of Baath party, has desperately claimed that American forces can assure provincial officials that the MKO is restricted to Camp Ashraf and that it has no role in the problems of the region.

MKO’s statement, released by the name of this fake”Front”, reads:

“Governor’s office and other provincial officials are well aware that the MKO has no role in destabilizing the security of the region. How is it possible to have a role in security of the province when you are restricted? This delegation, instead of solving the problems of people and province, is partaking in continuation of bad security situation. All residents of the province are disappointed by this move of delegation.”

Observers believe that MKO’s efforts during past years to win support in the province, and its claims that it has good relations with people, have all failed.

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